Monday, 21 November 2011

Contest Awesome Blog Fyda Deon

hye guys out there
i would like to join this contest.
it seems interesting
menang ke tak, itu adat
so, i better join kan, ne taw ade rezeki like this contest
i won for the second prizes 

ehe. now ur turn to join too

so, the picture that will be the competitor
i thought, this picture is awesome. not because the scene or whatsoever
but the friendship between us is really awesome
gambar ni masa aq last sem dekat foundation UIA
ni last batch for physical sciences yang amek mathematical 4
mase sume dah amek gambar formal segala
kitorang pun bedal hentam amek gambar sendri
hello peeps. ingat budak uia semua skemaaaaa ke haa
not all oke

my geng really awesome. they are best friend until the end
always tight each other although there have a big obstacle
how we are, yeah there we are
never get silent, tapi kecoh sentiasa
>>>> guess where is me ?? haaaa


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  1. hey hey hey ! i' done follow your blog ;D

    i'm from the same contest too ;)


memang bulat lah mata korang yang komen. haa. komen lah lagi dengan mate yang bulat. ^^

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