Thursday, 27 October 2011

i dont care, but i really adoree

woaahhh. this time is should belek belek buku, study, buat notes, buat latihan, but i dont care.

heyaaahh. tomorrow there will be my test. for account n probab. yeahh that's probabaility, the tough subjectt. eghhh for me maybe. not for othersss ^^ uhuu. i dont care

hallooweehhh. my heart still sucking about his behaviour. his promise. euwww. sangat penipu. liar is always idiottss. uhh, kau memang fool pun. padaann. aq dah geraaam. aq bagi je kat kauui idont care

teneeheee. they will make my life happy. yeahhh. they always the best sahabat that i t ever had. i really adoreee them

gaaahaaakk. he. he. he. yaahh. he will come to me. i will come to him. dis coming saturdaaay. woww. i really adoree to wait for him. not like 'him'

knoww oraitt. tym to open my book. not the facebook. but the blogg is most important than other. i dont care what's goiing tomorrowww

he is on his way to come here. ohh GOD ! save him. he always be with me when i felt down. yeahh. he is !

i dont care when peoplee feel boring looking for my pic. because i alwayss be happy with all the pic that i have. uhuuuwww

this face was looked likee very tiredd. yess. sangat kott afterr the dinner.


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memang bulat lah mata korang yang komen. haa. komen lah lagi dengan mate yang bulat. ^^

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